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What is WPSIG?

It’s a simple tool (written in Python) that does information gathering using WPS information elements. WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup is a standard created by the Wi-Fi Alliance that allows the users to setup the security of a Wireless AP in a simple way.

Wireless APs supporting WPS discloses enough information to fully fingerprint it using only 1 probe request frame.

The following information can be obtained using this method:

  • Device Name
  • Model Number and Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Serial Number of the device


Source Code

Source is available here.


Using WPSIG is straightforward,

Wi-Fi Protected Setup Information Gathering. Usage: -i interface -w filename Options: -h, --help show this help message and exit -i IFACE, --interface=IFACE network interface where to sniff. -w FILENAME, --write=FILENAME output filename. -s SOURCE, --source=SOURCE source mac address of the probe request frames.

e.g. WPSIG on interface wlan0,

root@unknow:~# ./ --interface wlan0 Wi-Fi Protected Setup Information Gathering. Press Ctrl+C to stop. Sniffing... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [00:22:6B:55:99:88] - 'xxxxxx' - 'Cisco-Linksys, LLC' WPS Information * Device Name: 'Wireless-G Router' * Wi-Fi Protected Setup State: 'Not Configured' * UUID-E: 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx' * Response Type: 'AP' * Primary Device Type: 'Network Infrastructure - AP' * Model Number: 'WRT54G2' * Serial Number: 'CSV01Hxxxxxxx' * Version: '1.0' * Model Name: 'Router' * Config Methods: 'Display, PushButton' * Manufacturer: 'Linksys' -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ^C Ctrl+C caught. Closing... root@unknow:~#


WPSIG is released under version 3 of the GNU General Public License.


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Attachments – Wpsig v1 – md5: 9dbc8b176e0990c8debc9aed07fee9bf

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