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Que no inventaran los chinos

Como 11ac es una nueva tendencia en wifi, ¿qué hay de probar algunos CPE exterior 11ac con las características siguientes:
QCA9563 chipset,, doble banda, velocidad de datos 1200Mbps 11ac
Gigabit RJ45 ayuda del puerto PoE IEEE 802.3at
De alta potencia para un mayor alcance, conector SMA para conectar con la antena omnidireccional / panel para el medio ambiente diferente

Aquí adjuntar una foto del producto para su referencia, pls ayuda para comprobarlo.

Aircrack-ng 1.2 Release Candidate 3

Third release candidate and hopefully this should be the last one. It contains a ton of bug fixes, code cleanup, improvements and compilation fixes everywhere. Some features were added: AppArmor profiles, better FreeBSD support, including an airmon-ng for FreeBSD.

Download linux

Download windows


Airodump-ng: Prevent sending signal to init which caused the system to reboot/shutdown.
Airbase-ng: Allow to use a user-specified ANonce instead of a randomized one when doing the 4-way handshake
Aircrack-ng: Fixed compilation warnings.
Aircrack-ng: Removed redundant NULL check and fixed typo in another one.
Aircrack-ng: Workaround for segfault when compiling aircrack-ng with clang and gcrypt and running a check.
Airmon-ng: Created version for FreeBSD.
Airmon-ng: Prevent passing invalid values as channel.
Airmon-ng: Handle udev renaming interfaces.
Airmon-ng: Better handling of rfkill.
Airmon-ng: Updated OUI URL.
Airmon-ng: Fix VM detection.
Airmon-ng: Make lsusb optional if there doesn’t seem to be a usb bus. Improve pci detection slightly.
Airmon-ng: Various cleanup and fixes (including wording and typos).
Airmon-ng: Display iw errors.
Airmon-ng: Improved handling of non-monitor interfaces.
Airmon-ng: Fixed error when running ‘check kill’.
Airdrop-ng: Display error instead of stack trace.
Airmon-ng: Fixed bashism.
Airdecap-ng: Allow specifying output file names.
Airtun-ng: Added missing parameter to help screen.
Besside-ng-crawler: Removed reference to (non-existent subdomain).
Airgraph-ng: Display error when no graph type is specified.
Airgraph-ng: Fixed make install.
Manpages: Fixed, updated and improved airodump-ng, airmon-ng, aircrack-ng, airbase-ng and aireplay-ng manpages.
Aircrack-ng GUI: Fixes issues with wordlists selection.
OSdep: Fix possible infinite loop.
OSdep: Use a default MTU of 1500 (Linux only).
OSdep: Fixed compilation on OSX.
AppArmor: Improved and added profiles.
General: Fixed warnings reported by clang.
General: Updated TravisCI configuration file
General: Fixed typos in various tools.
General: Fixed clang warning about ‘gcry_thread_cbs()’ being deprecated with gcrypt > 1.6.0.
General: Fixed compilation on cygwin due to undefined reference to GUID_DEVCLASS_NET
General: Fixed compilation with musl libc.
General: Improved testing and added test cases (make check).
General: Improved mutexes handling in various tools.
General: Fixed memory leaks, use afer free, null termination and return values in various tools and OSdep.
General: Fixed compilation on FreeBSD.
General: Various fixes and improvements to README (wording, compilation, etc).
General: Updated copyrights in help screen.


Airodump-NG Scan Visualizer ver 1.0

We all love Airodump-NG! I am personally a fan of the entire Aircrack-NG tool suite and the fantastic work done by Mister_X over the years. As most of you know Airodump-NG can export the scan data as a CSV or a Kismet compatible Netxml file. The Airodump-NG Scan Visualizer takes this CSV file and allows you to filter and play around with this scan data in interesting ways.

Getting Started with the Airodump-NG Scan Visualizer

1) Start an Airodump-NG Scan with the “-w” option to write to file
2) Allow the Scan to run till you have enough data

3) Locate the XXX-YY.CSV file in the current directory

4) Upload the CSV file


5) Click on Analyze! 



1. Segregation of Access Points + Connected Clients  and Roaming Clients: 

2. Advanced String Filtering on ESSID, BSSID, Channel, Privacy, Cipher and Authentication:

Each of the above Filters has either of the 3 options:

“Starts with”



We know a lot of times you will need to monitor multiple ESSIDs at the same time, hence we’ve allowed you to apply multiple filters per column which will be logically OR

There is no limit to the number of concurrent filters which you can apply to any column :)

3. Range Filters for Packets, Signal and Clients:

You can mention a Minimum and/or a Maximum range for each of them as shown below:

4. Filter Query shown live! 

As you apply filters to every column, see the filter expression change above the table so you can easily track what you have applied

5. Screenshots of both the Data Table and the Application screen

We know Pentesters need screenshots for writing reports so we made taking screenshots just a click away!

6. Search Roaming Clients by the ESSID they are probing for

7. Annotations:

Mark rows, columns, filters etc. on the screen with Annotations before taking screenshots to convey more information:

8. Graphs and Charts:



9. LIVE Mode – visualize data live from Airodump-NG!

and many other cool features!

Watch the Demos and Download Airodump-NG Scan Visualizer ver 1.0 


Warcry Static Ip Configuration for Windows (Wasic)

Autor: warcry

Wasic es una herramienta creada para saltarse el molesto “solucionador de problemas” de Windows 7, 8  y 8.1 y poder poner una configuración de ip estática para redes cuando hay conexión a internet y queremos crear una subred aparte del dhcp y del dns de la red principal.

¡¡¡ este software se distribuye sin garantía de ningún tipo y sera el usuario el responsable de los daños directos e indirectos que el uso de este software ocasione !!!

instrucciones de uso:   Grin

descarga de Wasic

un saludo Wink

Warcry Access Point for Windows

Autor: warcry

Al final me he decidido a publicar esta herramienta que lo que hace es crear un Punto de Acceso con cifrado WPA2 con la interface wifi del pc, ya sea integrada o por usb.

¡¡¡ No todos los interfaces estan soportados ya que los drivers no lo permiten, lo que genera el temido PANTALLAZO AZUL, por lo que si es la primera vez que lo usáis y no sabéis si vuestro interface es compatible, haced un punto de restauración primero !!!

¡¡¡ este software se distribuye sin garantía de ningún tipo y sera el usuario el responsable de los daños directos e indirectos que el uso de este software ocasione !!!

instrucciones de uso:   Grin

descarga de Wap_for_Windows

un saludo Wink