Aircrack-ng 1.2 Release Candidate 3

Third release candidate and hopefully this should be the last one. It contains a ton of bug fixes, code cleanup, improvements and compilation fixes everywhere. Some features were added: AppArmor profiles, better FreeBSD support, including an airmon-ng for FreeBSD.

Download linux

Download windows


Airodump-ng: Prevent sending signal to init which caused the system to reboot/shutdown.
Airbase-ng: Allow to use a user-specified ANonce instead of a randomized one when doing the 4-way handshake
Aircrack-ng: Fixed compilation warnings.
Aircrack-ng: Removed redundant NULL check and fixed typo in another one.
Aircrack-ng: Workaround for segfault when compiling aircrack-ng with clang and gcrypt and running a check.
Airmon-ng: Created version for FreeBSD.
Airmon-ng: Prevent passing invalid values as channel.
Airmon-ng: Handle udev renaming interfaces.
Airmon-ng: Better handling of rfkill.
Airmon-ng: Updated OUI URL.
Airmon-ng: Fix VM detection.
Airmon-ng: Make lsusb optional if there doesn’t seem to be a usb bus. Improve pci detection slightly.
Airmon-ng: Various cleanup and fixes (including wording and typos).
Airmon-ng: Display iw errors.
Airmon-ng: Improved handling of non-monitor interfaces.
Airmon-ng: Fixed error when running ‘check kill’.
Airdrop-ng: Display error instead of stack trace.
Airmon-ng: Fixed bashism.
Airdecap-ng: Allow specifying output file names.
Airtun-ng: Added missing parameter to help screen.
Besside-ng-crawler: Removed reference to (non-existent subdomain).
Airgraph-ng: Display error when no graph type is specified.
Airgraph-ng: Fixed make install.
Manpages: Fixed, updated and improved airodump-ng, airmon-ng, aircrack-ng, airbase-ng and aireplay-ng manpages.
Aircrack-ng GUI: Fixes issues with wordlists selection.
OSdep: Fix possible infinite loop.
OSdep: Use a default MTU of 1500 (Linux only).
OSdep: Fixed compilation on OSX.
AppArmor: Improved and added profiles.
General: Fixed warnings reported by clang.
General: Updated TravisCI configuration file
General: Fixed typos in various tools.
General: Fixed clang warning about ‘gcry_thread_cbs()’ being deprecated with gcrypt > 1.6.0.
General: Fixed compilation on cygwin due to undefined reference to GUID_DEVCLASS_NET
General: Fixed compilation with musl libc.
General: Improved testing and added test cases (make check).
General: Improved mutexes handling in various tools.
General: Fixed memory leaks, use afer free, null termination and return values in various tools and OSdep.
General: Fixed compilation on FreeBSD.
General: Various fixes and improvements to README (wording, compilation, etc).
General: Updated copyrights in help screen.