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When you know there is a problem, but you don’t know what it is – Eye P.A. is the first-step, go-to tool for understanding Wi-Fi network traffic.

Aggregating the data, Eye P.A. turns raw packet capture streams into a visual network conversation, highlighting Bytes, Packets, and Time, making it easy to drill down and quickly diagnose network issues, including export to Wireshark. Capture packets with AirPcap Nx, save $200!



Quickly Identify Issues

See the relationship between Packets, Bytes or Time.
Analyze Network Conversations

Visually see conversations between clients & access points.
Diagnose Network Health

Drill down to examine data rates, datatypes, & retry rates.
Export to Wireshark

Send findings to WireShark for more in-depth analysis.

Eye P.A. is a 802.11 troubleshooting tool designed for Wi-Fi professionals.

Before Eye P.A., professionals navigated through dense streams of packet data looking for a needle in a haystack.

Eye P.A. crunches the numbers for you, transforming the bits and bytes into color-coded multi-layered pie charts, allowing you to quickly troubleshoot issues without the hassle of setting filters.

Stay up to date – buy Eye P.A. today and get one year of software maintenance for free.

System Requirements
While installing Eye P.A., you will be assisted with
downloading these required components if you
don’t already have them.

• Microsoft .NET Framework 4
• WinPcap

Works with Microsoft® Windows XP or newer
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