Aircrack-ng 1.2 Release Candidate 2

Here is the second release candidate. Along with a LOT of fixes, it improves the support for the Airodump-ng scan visualizer. Airmon-zc is mature and is now renamed to Airmon-ng. Also, Airtun-ng is now able to encrypt and decrypt WPA on top of WEP. Another big change is recent version of GPSd now work very well with Airodump-ng. Changelog
    Airtun-ng: Adds WPA CCMP and TKIP decryption and CCMP encryption Compilation: Added support for DUMA. Makefile: Renamed ‘unstable’ to ‘experimental’. Airodump-ng: Fixed XML sanitizing. Airmon-ng: Airmon-zc is now stable enough to replace airmon-ng. Manpages: Removed airdriver-ng manpage and references to it (forgot to do it before the previous release). Manpages: Updated ‘see also’ references in all manpages. PCRE: Added it in various places and docs. WZCook: Fixed processing values stored in register. Updated a few headers files (if_llc, ieee80211, ethernet and if_arp). Travis CI: updated make parameter and add testing with pcre. Compilation: de-hardcode -lpcap to allow specifying pcap libraries. Makefile: Fixed installing/uninstalling Airdrop-ng documentation files. Makefile: Fixed uninstalling ext_scripts. Airodump-ng: Added new paths (and removed one) for OUI files and simplified logic to find the OUI file. Aircrack-ng: Fixed ignoring -p when specified after -S. Airmon-ng: fixes for openwrt busybox ps/grep issues which do not seem present in other versions of busybox Airmon-ng: fix vm detection. Airserv-ng: Fixed channel setting (and assert call). Airodump-ng: Fixes to NetXML (unassociated clients missing and various other small bugs) and update the code to match current NetXML output. Airodump-ng: Removed requirement for 2 packets before AP is written to output (text) files. Airodump-ng: Fixed formatting of ESSID and display of WPA/WPA2 (as well as a bunch of other small fixes) in CSV file. Airodump-ng: Fixed GPSd. Airodump-ng: Allow to specify write interval for CSV, kismet CSV and NetXML files. Airserv-ng: Fixed wrong station data displayed in Airodump-ng. General: Fixed 64 bit promotion issues. General: Fixed a bunch of uninitialized values and non-zeroed structures (upon allocating them). General: Added Stack protection. Various other small fixes and improvements.